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xXAshXx: yes but what about Dragonpaw...? >U> Jan 10, 2016 0:01:17 GMT -7
redstripe: Should he wake up...? Jan 10, 2016 0:01:45 GMT -7
xXAshXx: idk up to you I was gonna have Jaypaw walk around a while X3 Jan 10, 2016 0:02:20 GMT -7
redstripe: I can have Dragonpaw wake up because of not being able to sleep xD Jan 10, 2016 0:02:49 GMT -7
xXAshXx: yeah true XD Jan 10, 2016 0:03:31 GMT -7
redstripe: Dragonpaw woke up and looked around the apprentice's den. It was empty and the moonlight poured into the den. He sighed and sat up, knowing he wouldn't be able to go back to sleep. Jan 10, 2016 0:04:12 GMT -7 *
xXAshXx: Jaypaw slowly got to her paws and padded silently out of the den while making sure Timbertail or Redstripe didn't wake. Once out of the den she sat down next to a rock just outside and began washing herself. Jan 10, 2016 0:07:30 GMT -7 *
redstripe: Dragonpaw got up and stretched, extending his front legs out and spreading out his claws while yawning. He then moved outside the den and saw Jaypaw's silhouette. He padded in her direction. Jan 10, 2016 0:11:04 GMT -7
xXAshXx: Jaypaw's mind was racing. She was unable to detect Dragonpaw even though he was padding heavily toward her. She groomed her chest her tail swished in slight fear and confusion. Jan 10, 2016 0:18:12 GMT -7
redstripe: Dragonpaw sat down next to Jaypaw. "Good evening." he mewed softly so he didn't wake any clan cat. Jan 10, 2016 0:37:37 GMT -7
xXAshXx: Jaypaw flung her wide eyes at Dragonpaw; fur on end. "Dragonpaw! don't creep up on me like that..." she whispered following Dragonpaw's quiet tone. Jan 10, 2016 0:40:07 GMT -7 *
redstripe: "Sorry!" Dragonpaw mewed with a nervous smile. He then looked more squarely at her and made his tone more serious. "Could you not sleep either...?" he asked cautiously. (Going to bed. Good nightynight bro) Jan 10, 2016 0:53:51 GMT -7
xXAshXx: Jaypaw's tail bristled, ".....Nightmare....." She mewed even quieter. She then curled her tail around to soothe it's bristling with a few quick licks. Jan 10, 2016 10:27:12 GMT -7
redstripe: Dragonpaw scooted a bit closer to Jaypaw and curled his tail around her body. He licked her fur and smiled at her, purring lightly. "Tell me about it?" he asked softly and slowly. Jan 30, 2016 23:56:18 GMT -7
xXAshXx: Jaypaw looked at Dragonpaw with teary eyes, "R-redstripe...... was acting weird..." She paused for breath and turned her gaze to stare in the blank star-lit clearing, "Then I saw many thick pelts of black and white.... savage teeth and long claws....." > Feb 4, 2016 21:07:51 GMT -7 *
xXAshXx: She blinked slowly as she mewed the soft words. Feb 4, 2016 21:08:05 GMT -7
redstripe: Dragonpaw looked at Jaypaw with sad eyes as she seemed very disturbed by the dream. He nuzzled his face to her shoulder for comfort and purred lightly. "It was just a dream... I promise you're safe now..." He mewed soflty Jul 31, 2016 21:06:10 GMT -7
xXAshXx: Jaypaw shuttered at the dream then purred back, "I'm glad your here..." Her ears relax a little. Jul 31, 2016 21:09:59 GMT -7 *
redstripe: "I'm glad I'm here too, you need someone here for you i can tell..." Dragonpaw meowed. He rested his head between his paws and closed his eyes. "Think you can get back to sleep...?" Jan 1, 2017 21:57:05 GMT -7
xXAshXx: "I suppose.." Jaypaw stood and turned to pad back into the Medicine den. She looked behind her shoulder before adding, "Thank you, Dragonpaw..." She purred. Jan 19, 2017 20:27:10 GMT -7
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